I am not my emotions! 

It took me a long time to realize when I feel sad or fearful or angry I am not sad, fearful or angry. It might seem like a stupid distinction or simply symantics but I have discovered that isn’t the case. The distinction is very important. 

If I have feelings of sadness I can simultaneously have feelings of comfort and peace or love.  If I am sadness – I have become sadness and I am consumed. I have some sad stuff going on in my life right now. Or should I say situations that make me feel sad.  If I were to become sad as a result of these situations instead of feeling sad then my thoughts and actions would be consumed with the sadness and the event. When I feel sad I can observe the feeling allow it to rise up, cry and then let it flow through me and then make room for the events that bring me feelings of joy in my life.  

One other thing I was thinking about this is if I idnetify as and become each feeling I have I usually become imobile. So if there is an action I can take to relieve my feelings of sadness or anger (substitute any feeling) if I have become the feeling I am less likely to see or feel anything but that feeling. If I observe the feeling from a nuetral place in my mind I can now stay calm and function enough to arrive at possible solutions to situations that I may be able to change. Don’t get me wrong I know sometimes ( a lot of times)  we have no control over situations that cause us painful feelings. We can however, choose to feel the pain and allow ourselves the care we need to move forward. 

Feelings are so scary; actually scratch that feeling feelings is scary!!! Not just the feelings. I am so glad I can observe and feel my feelings today.  It has given me the freedom to have a full rich life and wonderful relationships in which I am able to enjoy all aspects and personalities of people. 

Be brave my friends and walk through the fear of feelings those feelings – they won’t consume you if you observe and feel and allow the healing to begin ! I have learned from experience there is an amazing personal / inside life waiting for you.  

I see you and you are loved! 

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