Lessons in Less Than Perfect

I feel called to hold workshops, write, and work one on one to help others walk through fear into love and to live a life of their dreams! I scheduled my first workshop about a month ago and I was amazed at how little fear I experienced leading up to the date of the workshop. A friend scheduled and hosted the workshop for me. I had no fear of other people’s opinions at the early stages of planning and I said invite whomever. Well I have to admit I hadn’t held the workshop previously because of fear – fear that no one would show, fear that people would question my ability to share anything of value and fear of having people in my home. So when this friend offered to host it and do the inviting – I was relieved of two fears immediately and the third was diminished because if she and another friend were telling people to come people might think I had something to share because my two friends believed it.

So the day of the workshop arrived and I still had minimal fear – then the moment of the workshop arrived and all guests were snacking and chatting. Enter Little s !!! OMG Little s my other word for ego/fear self started the talking. First it said look at all the fun everyone is having socializing, then it went to they would rather socialize than do your workshop to OMG I can’t do a workshop. An hour after the known workshop start time someone says hey are we going to do the workshop? Having convinced myself they didn’t want to do the workshop – I said oh you guys want to do it? A resounding yes! Great – I was.off kilter and nervous so I did my intro and then asked everyone to introduce themselves – forgetting my leading questions prepared to keep intros to a couple of sentences and yes folks I messed up and all the workshop time was used up with introductions. I went home feeling bad as I didn’t get to any of my material. However, everyone who attended seemed to get something out of each other’s stories.

On the way home I decided I was a fool to think this was my path and vowed to never do it again. 5 minutes later and a short pep talk by my partner – I was agreeing to look at the experience as a learning experience. It was no way what I had anticipated but I could see how It trailed off to intros only. Oops.

I then scheduled another one – I owned it. I had it at my house and I invited people. All with the attitude that if they came they came and if they don’t like it oh well. I did the second workshop. People came and all had positive feedback. I didn’t get stuck on the introductions but I did mess up a few things. This time I discussed the flaws with my partner and had no thoughts of quitting ! It wasn’t what I wanted It to be but it was what I needed and I can totally see what I learned and what I can do in the future.

I walked through fear of no one showing up, having people in my home and people disliking it. I also walked through living with the fact that it wasn’t perfect. It was however just what I needed.

There is so much self love and love to share when we walk through our fears. I am amazed and blessed today. I’m already planning my next workshop.

Is there something you would love to try ? I encouragrd you to throw caution and to the wind and give it a go. Walk through the fear my friends. Love and living are the rewards! If it’s less than perfect maybe it will be perfectly what you need at least it seems so to me.

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